Local Produce Availability

Local Produce Availability

Best Value 

Curly Kale x 250g 

Cavolo Nero x 250g  

Golden & Candy Beetroot 

Leeks x 5kg – Local UK 

Celeriac x 10kg

Cucumbers x 12 UK 40/50 – Spanish

Savoy Cabbage x 8 – Local Offenham, Evesham

Courgettes x 5kg Spanish 

Cauliflower & Calabrese


Soft Fruit Arrivals

Raspberries x 8 – Spanish

Strawberries x 16 – Spanish

Blackberries x 12 – Mexican


Latest Produce Availability 

Asparagus x 20 – Peru

Maris Piper Potatoes x 25kg (Ideal for Roasting & Frying) – Herefordshire

Potatoes Mids x 10kg Maris Peer 

Potatoes Wilja  – Herefordshire 

Potatoes White Washed x 25kg – Lancashire

Calabrese Iced x 6kg Spanish

Aubergines x 5kg

Spring Cabbage – Local 

Parsnips x5kg / x10kg – Staffordshire

New Season Chantaney Carrots x 5kg 

UK Carrots x 10kg – Lancashire

Raw Beetroot in Bunches – Local Evesham

Locally Grown Pakchoi / Bokchoi / Choi Sum

French Endive / Lollo Rosso / Oakleaf

Braeburn Apples French 

Local Pumpkins – Medium / Large 

Conference Pears x 5kg 

Rhubarb x 6kg – Dutch 

Vac Pack Chestnuts x 500g 

Baby Mixed Leavesx 500g / Rocket x 500g / Ruby Chard x 500g 

Heritage Tomatoes x 4kg

Local Bunched Spinach  

Westlands Wow Herbs – Please Click For A Full List Of Herbs 


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